Technical GDPR Readiness Review


  • Half-day on-site consultation visit by our Technical Certified Auditor
  • Overview of required policies within Cyber Essentials, GDPR, PCI DSS, and IASME Governance certification standards
  • Review of your technical Infrastructure through the eyes of a security consultant
  • Legally reviewed & approved Privacy Statement Policy
  • In-depth website scan analysis and report with technical build profile and vulnerability report


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CRIBB Cyber Security is an official certification body backed by the UK government that provides end-to-end cyber resilience.


With the current rise in Cyber Security coupled with the sheer volume and growing variety and scale of cyber-attacks, seeking professional expertise and help is now at the forefront of thinking for all businesses. Unfortunately neither in-house IT departments nor those companies offering outsourced ‘solutions’ are as trained or focused on Cyber Security as we here at CRIBB are.


CRIBB have cyber security professionals with exceptional experience and knowledge to help you take the pain and stress away. We will work alongside you and help to educate your staff and protect your data, all the while underpinning our efforts with a very simple mantra; be careful, be defensive, be compliant and be secure.


Unlike others, we are highly trained to properly assess risk, to mitigate dangers and to keep your company and its data safe and secure. Simply put, in today’s World you need professional expertise and help, and this is where CRIBB Cyber Security comes in.



Our experts have successfully guided 100% of our clients into compliance

Our Expertise

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TheICEway Ecosystem

CRIBB Cyber Security is part of “TheICEway”, an ecosystem of companies providing a blended set of services enabling your digital transformation strategies. The root of this system is ICE Consultancy Services which focuses exclusively on the Travel and Cruise vertical. With years of experience, their consultants research and visualise your business requirements ready to be used for service enhancement or system selection and development.

Managed Services

Private, public and hybrid cloud services with 24/7 support provide a reliable backbone for delivery of any digital solution.

Cribb Compliance  Governance

Security and compliance are provided through CRIBB Cyber Security, a full-featured cyber consultancy with government certification as an accreditation body for GDPR, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Expertise Consultancy

The root of this system is ICE which focuses exclusively on the Travel and Cruise vertical. With years of experience, our consultants research and visualise your business requirements ready to be used for service enhancement or system selection and development.

The Ice Way
ETestware QA Testing

Specialist application and web-application testing are done through our testing company eTestware based in Estonia, the latest hotbed in excellent technology talent, allowing us to provide 5000 testers testing simultaneously and direct application testing of in-house applications.

Aivr Labs Future Technologies

AIVR Labs provides access to exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These key trending technologies will be part of all modern companies digital strategies now and in the near future.

Ice Rapid Development

Best in class nearshore development is provided by ICE Rapid Development in partnership with proven companies who specialise in the Travel and Cruise industry using over 300 developers, UX analysts, system integration architects and cloud experts.